COVID-19 Information



  • All staff will report to camp 7 days before camp starts
  • All staff will be trained in Life-safety, CPR, First Aid and sanitary procedures as outlined by YMCA-USA, American Camping Association, and American Red Cross.
  • Staff’s temperatures will be taken daily to ensure their health and the health of others.


  • All campers and staff will wash their hands.
  • There will be outdoor handwashing stations or sanitizing stations at all program areas
  • Visitors and tours will not be allowed throughout the summer.
  • All hydrating stations will be monitored by a staff member and cleaned frequently.
  • Door handles will be sanitized 3 times a day.


  • There will be a cleaning crew who will sanitize every cabin and bathroom everyday. The cleaning crew will also sanitize the Lodge, Gym and all active areas every night with EPA Covid-19 chemical (Diamond Disinfectant 1000 DSV).
  • Every mattress is made from the patented SoFlux OX blue nylon with an inverted seam design and Anti-BAC Vinyl which is waterproof and offers antibacterial protection. Each mattress will be sanitized once a week.
  • Trash in the cabins will be bagged by the leaders and collected by a designated staff member every morning.


  • All ropes course equipment will be wiped down and sanitized after every use.
  • All life jackets and canoe paddles will be sanitized.
  • Microphones and musical equipment will be wiped down after every session in the Lodge.
  • Bows, arrows, and rifles will be sanitized after every use.
  • All sport equipment will be sanitized after every activity


  • All delivered food items will be wiped down and sanitized.
  • All meals will be served family style. There will be no buffets of any kind.
  • The staff member at each dining table will serve the food to each camper’s plate in order to maintain a germ-free environment.
  • Staff will always wear gloves while serving meals to campers.
  • All kitchen staff will be trained by “Serve Safe.”
  • A new EPA Covid-19 chemical (Diamond Disinfectant 1000 DSV) will be sprayed on all the tables in the kitchen and the Dining Hall three times daily.
  • Hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes will be available at each table
  • No bottles of condiments will be allowed, only individual packaging will be available such as: salad dressing, ketchup, salt/pepper, etc.


  • All sessions will have a nurse (RN, LPN) on duty at all times.
  • The infirmary is fully restocked and standing orders are met.
  • Infirmary rooms are available for quarantine if needed.


  • Parents will line up in their cars at the front gate.
  • No handshakes, hugs or physical contact
  • Before entering the camp all campers will have their temperature taken. If a child’s temperature is higher than 100.4 degrees they will be sent home.
  • After parents pass through the front gate, they will continue to the first drive-through tent area which is the camp office station.
  • After parents finish at the office tent, they will drive forward to the nurse’s tent. Nurse’s tent and medicine drop off will also be in a drive through format. All medicine should be out of the suitcases/trunks and ready to hand to the nurse.
  • After parents finish at the nurse’s tent they will then drive toward the cabins.
  • No parents will be allowed to exit their vehicles while dropping off their child.
  • Staff Leaders will carry the camper’s luggage/trunks to the cabin and then help the camper to get settled.


  • No parents will be allowed to exit their vehicle while picking up their child.
  • A Staff Leader will be standing with the camper and their luggage/trunk in the departure area where the camper will be loaded into his/her parents’ car.